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Family Caregiver Standards

The National Association of Social Workers Board of Directors in September of 2010 approved new standards for social work practice with family caregivers of older adults.. (read more)

Outwitting your Senior Self

by Dr. Florence Lieberman

Many people become impatient with the slowness and fumbling of older people and their ignorance of current technology…  But no group is more impatient than the Real Self of the older person.  (continue reading)


Dr. Florence Lieberman (1918 – 2011) was a pioneer of clinical social work.  Professor emeritus at Hunter College School of Social Work, she wrote Social Work with Children, Before Addiction, and other books and established the Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal.
When the National Academies of Practice was formed to honor distinguished figures in health fields, she was elected the first president of its Social Work Academy.  (excerpted from The New York Times, May 14, 2011)

Vigilant caregiving families a must!

To avert potential disasters in caring for older adults in care, an engaged family is essential… (read more)

The Caregiver’s Dilemma: Are you afraid to tell your boss you’re a caregiver?

Even though Roxanne Aune’s boss is aware that her 59-year-old husband has early onset Alzheimer’s, he’ll never know how much it impacts her work. “I feel I can’t say I’m a caregiver because a red flag will go up and my boss will think, ‘Oh, there’s something wrong with her husband again,’ ” says Aune, 57, of Minneapolis. “I can’t afford to be absent, or start over again, so I don’t discuss this part of my life.”  Continue reading…

Easing the Stress of Daily Care-Giving

Q. You find yourself having to care for an ill family member while holding down a full-time job. How can you handle both of these demanding duties without feeling overwhelmed?

A. Caregivers often feel they have one choice: quit their jobs and become full-time caregivers or keep working but do an inadequate job of meeting the needs of their ailing family member, says Denise M. Brown, founder of, an online resource and forum for family caregivers. Fortunately, she says, it’s not nearly that cut and dried.

As you look for solutions, don’t be afraid to ask your employer for help. Ms. Brown suggests tapping into your company’s employee assistance plan or looking into work/life benefits that the company may offer. Those often include the services of a geriatric care manager who can research and coordinate care in the community where you need it.  Continue reading

Baby boomers worry about finances, health costs

The Associated Press 2011-07-28: WASHINGTON (AP) — The “golden years” may lose some luster for many baby boomers worried about the financial pressures that come with age. Many of the nation’s 77 million boomers are worried about being able to pay their medical bills as they get older, a new poll finds. The concern is so deep that it outpaces worries about facing a major illness or disease, dying, or losing the ability to do favorite activities. Another major concern among the boomers: losing their financial independence. The struggling economy, a longer life expectancy, ever-increasing health care costs and challenges facing Social Security…  (Read complete article)

Aging and Emotional Poverty

An interesting essay on “emotional poverty.”

Aging and Poverty Through the Lens
of Financial and Emotional Capital

By Sonja Hanson Anderson

When I was first asked to share my views on aging and poverty, I immediately thought of the financial side of the issue. As an MSW/PhD student and an associate instructor at the University of Utah, I frequently lecture on human, physical, and financial capital. Students learn about the importance of education, financial planning, and saving for retirement. When students calculate how much they will need to save for retirement, they are often surprised by how important it is to start preparing now. The research I have conducted as a student for policy and social justice classes has reaffirmed my belief in educating others about the realities of classism and ageism.  Read complete article >


Aging in Place

Housing projects increasingly geared toward aging in place.

Ravages of Alzheimer’s

Two years ago, my grandmother died of Alzheimer’s. For more than a decade leading up to her death, my mother and I watched a proud, beautiful woman deteriorate into a state that can only be described as animalistic. The horrors inflicted upon her by Alzheimer’s cannot be understated.

Memory loss was only a part of the symptoms my grandmother suffered. Crazed by paranoia and fear, she was haunted by hallucinations. She became violent; despite her tiny frame and size, her strength was at times uncontrollable. Her voice abandoned her, and she could make her needs known only through awkward gestures and noises.

The fact that one in eight Americans older than 65 has Alzheimer’s is no small number. It is an epidemic. My grandmother required 24-hour care, sometimes by multiple people. My family tried to care for her at home, but as the disease progressed, this became a living nightmare for my family. And this went on for more than 10 years…

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