A CustomElderCare Good Caregiver® Workbook www.customeldercare.com Copyrighted material. For personal use only. All rights reserved worldwide _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 FOREWORD The purpose of this Custom Elder Care Good Caregiver® Workbook is to help you help caregiving staff of an assisted-living facility create quality care should you need this in your later years. We are all living longer and likely to be in care for some of our latest years. We can either just hope for the best, or we can prepare! Facility staff is likely to receive much information upon intake, either from you directly or from those who help you make the transition to this new home away from home. A personal caregiving guide can help them go far beyond the ordinary, ensuring you with quality care and living in your new situation. In this Workbook you will find guidelines along with principles of quality care to help you prepare a caregiving guide chock full of tips to help caregiving staff pay attention to the small details that to you signify “quality of life.” Plenty of books and websites talk about why it is important to be consumer centered in caregiving. Based on the best current science, this Workbook helps you learn how to translate, or personalize, all of that information into a system of care that honors you and the life you know and live. We all want to be independent, but sometimes we need care. We are sick, and it’s difficult to speak up; or we are too exhausted to think clearly or to repeat over and over all the little things that signal quality of life. In a nutshell, sometimes we are in the care of others despite all our best efforts to remain independent, which is where this Good Caregiver® Workbook will come in handy. If we must depend on the good graces of others, then let us do everything we can to make sure that life remains joyful, meaningful, and dignified as we see it at that time. I assure you that creating a system of care based on the guidelines in this Workbook will result in a caregiving relationship that helps the entire caregiving staff know the “just right” things to do to honor your voice and values. Have fun building your personal-care manual! It may be daunting to think that we will need to rely on others in the future. But preparing for that eventuality makes an enormous difference in whether or not your voice will remain in the decision-making mix of daily life. Better to do some thinking and planning now than to leave things up to chance! With best wishes, Dominique Moyse Steinberg