A CustomElderCare Good Caregiver® Workbook www.customeldercare.com Copyrighted material. For personal use only. All rights reserved worldwide _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 CHAPTER 1: WORK ETHICS Quality Task Principle: Set standards for ethical and decent care. With so much mobility today there is a mingling of cultures, belief systems, and social expectations. On one hand this mingling is enriching, but on the other hand, it can create miscommunication and confusion. Use this section to sensitize staff to the ways in which they can demonstrate respect and sensitivity to you within your cultural norms. Clearly, the facility in which you will reside has rules of conduct, but the information you provide in this section will reinforce the fact that you have expectations about how you wish to be treated. In this section you will develop:  A personal Bill of Rights  An outline of quality-care characteristics as you see them  A few rules of thumb for your daily comfort My Bill of Rights _______________________________________________________________ Help caregiving staff understand and respect your expectations by developing a personal bill of rights. Step 1 Create the heading at the top of a sheet of paper: WORK ETHICS. Begin your page numbers for this section at 11. Step 2 Review and personalize the Bill of Rights template (Template #1) in your portfolio. Step 3 “Save” the file. Type your first subheading: My Bill of Rights.  TIP Consider adding a note in your guide that a copy of your Bill of Rights should be posted on your bedroom wall. If that is not possible, consider framing it to place on a dresser.