A CustomElderCare Good Caregiver® Workbook www.customeldercare.com Copyrighted material. For personal use only. All rights reserved worldwide _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 CHAPTER 5: MY EMOTIONAL WELLNESS Quality Task Principle: Attend to lifestyle. Help staff maintain your psychological well-being. In this section you will focus on:  Meaning  Peace of Mind  Spirituality Step 1 Create the heading at the top of a sheet of paper: MY EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. Begin your page numbers for this section at 51. Step 2 Note the following:  The kinds of leisure activities that give meaning to your life; for example, I love classical music and don’t care for other types of music.  Your traditional social style (shy, formal, anxious in a group, etc.); for example, I’ve always been quite social and love to be with other people, even if we’re just sitting around.  A few concepts or activities that reflect your spiritual side (attending church services, listening to music, helping others, being outside, etc.); for example, Please play my “church music” CD for me on Sunday mornings. The trick here is to identify some key activities that can be implemented in a facility; for example, the facility may not have a garden but may love help in caring for indoor plants. TIP The facility of care is likely to ask about your emotional state at intake but may not ask about attitudes and spirituality other than generalities, such as formal religion. However, as with physical wellness, knowing precisely these kinds of details makes the difference between “good enough” and “custom care.”