A CustomElderCare Good Caregiver® Workbook www.customeldercare.com Copyrighted material. For personal use only. All rights reserved worldwide _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 EXAMPLES MY EMOTIONAL WELLNESS Here are some things that give meaning to everyday life –enjoyable or comforting ways of passing time. The list is endless; this is just to jumpstart your thinking. Reading novels (e.g., historical fiction, biographies, mysteries); reading magazines, newspapers; reading to others. Following current events, sports, the area arts, international events; participating in a book/current events club, etc. Religious activities (e.g., volunteer work for church/synagogue/other place of worship); community work. Volunteering (e.g., helping to organize entertainment or other types of events in your new facility). Music (e.g., dancing, singing, listening to music, playing an instrument, listening to the radio, etc.) Arts and crafts (e.g., books or lectures on fine arts, home crafts like knitting/crocheting, scrap- booking, sewing, etc.) Physical fitness (e.g., walking, yoga, meditation, using exercise equipment, etc.) Games (e.g., board/computer games, cards, crossword puzzles, bingo, gambling games, etc.) Socializing (e.g., chatting, entertaining visitors, family/resident visits, telephoning, etc.) Nature (e.g., sitting on the porch/outside, sitting near a window, going for a stroll, gardening, caring for plants, etc.) Television (e.g., watching particular shows or news or certain channels such as political talks.) Finance (e.g., watching the stock market or channels dedicated to financial news.) Food (e.g., cooking, wine, enjoying tea/coffee breaks, etc.) Scholarly pursuits (e.g., taking/teaching an adult learning class, receiving professional books from the library, etc.) Other hobbies (e.g., computer, photography, collecting stamps or coins, etc.)